The Kingdom of Slifonia

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The Kingdom of Slifonia. commonly referred to as Slifonia, is a sovereign state with an absolute monarchy, most characterized as a Micronation. Slifonia is located in the Rocky Mountain region of North America and in the alternate universe of Second Life. It is an enclave nation bordered on all sides by the United States of America. Settled in the 1850’s this land is renown for its majestic mountain views and city living. The Kingdom claims one acre in this area.

His Grace, The Duke of Christania, George Lang serves the government as it’s Prime Minister with absolute power remaining in the hands of His Royal Highness. The Legislative Body is known as the Privy Council with six members having been appointed by His Royal Majesty which include

  • The Prime Minister
  • The Minister of State
  • Lord Privy Seal
  • The Minister of the Exchequer
  • The Royal Secretary
  • The Crown Prince/Princess

and six elected officials known as Privy Councilors at Large.

The Kingdom’s judiciary branch is comprised by the Royal Court of Slifonia, with seven court justices all presented by the Privy Council and confirmed by the King.The Kingdom is comprised of two territories. The Duchy of Christania which is located in the Rocky Mountain Regions of the United States. And the Duchy of Streyvania which is located in the realm of Second Life.

Capital City: Streyvania

Religion: Christianity (Latter Day Saints)

Official Languages: English

Government: Absolute Monarchy

Monarch: His Royal Majesty, King Kenneth I

Prime Minister: His Grace, Duke George I of Christiania

Legislature: The King’s Privy Council

Established: 23 November 2017

Currency: Bytecoin / Linden Dollars

Time Zone: MST