Slifonia Flag
The Slifonia Flag

The Kingdom of Slifonia Welcome’s you to our Internet Web-page!

The Kingdom of Slifonia is a Absolute Monarchy based in the realm of Second Life. We live under old rules with a very modern twist! Come join us in our capitol city, Genesis City where anything that you could desire can be received.

Full Country Name: The Kingdom of Slifonia

Reigning Monarch: King Aries, First of that Name,  By the Grace of God of the Kingdom of Slifonia, Commander in Chief of the Kings Armed Forces, Fidei defensor

Heir Apparent:  His Royal Majesty Prince Jirard Wingate, Crown Prince of Slifonia, Duke of Atrana

Head of Government: His Grace, George Lang, Duke of Yufren, Viscount of Genesis County

Capitol: Genesis City

Date Founded: November 23, 2017

Kingdom Location: Second Life Grid

Genesis City

Facts about Slifonia

State Animal:  The Emperor Penguin

State Flower: The Rose

Motto:  “Coure Loyall”  (Always Loyal)

Colors: Teal and Gold

Natural Landmark: Mount Wingate

Currency: Linden and Byte Coin

The Government of Slifonia

Head of Government: His Grace Duke George Lang

The Kings Privy Council

Lord Exchequer : Availible

Lord Secretary: Availible

Lord Councilor to the King: Availible

Lord Commander of the Kings Armed Forces: Available

Lord of Protocol: TBA

Crown’s Public Affairs Officer: Her Royal Highness, Princess Kia Wingate

County/City Officials

Viscount of Genesis County: His Grace, Duke George Lang

Lord Mayor of Genesis City: Availible

Duke of Seflana: TBA

Duke of Breyford: TBA

Baron of Peal: TBA

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