House Motto: Ignis, Vita Et Ignoscentia (Fire, Life And Forgiveness)

House Progenitors: The Family Bloodline all throughout time descends from the Egyptian and Sheba Noble Lines, with mixed in blood from the House of Jordan.

Head of the House: King Aries I

House Patriarch: TBA

House Matriarch: TBA

Family Real Estate Holdings:


Family Tree

House Wingate Tree

List of Family Members:

  • King Aries I
  • Queen Naila Wingate, Queen Consort
  • Crown Prince Mekhi Wingate
  • Prince Jirard Wingate
  • Princess Sherika Wingate
  • Prince Axel Wingate
  • Princess Amani Wingate
  • Prince Kia Wingate
  • Prince Robyn Wingate
  • Lady Scottie Chatterbox, Viscountess of Cleburg
  • Lady Eva Wingate, Viscountess of Odeo