King Aries Superfly

About King Aries I

King Aries I
HRM Aries I on His Throne

Full Name: Aries Alexander Wingate

Mother: TBA

Father: TBA

Birthdate: April 18, 1979

Birthplace: Genesis City Hospital, Slifonia


Other Family: The House of Wingate

Wife: Her Royal Majesty, Queen Naila nee Aziz

Royal Issue: 

  • HRM Prince Mekhi Wingate (Age 9)
  • HRM Prince Jirard Wingate (Age 10 Months)
  • HRM Princess Sherika Wingate (Age 1 Month)

Full Style: His Royal Majesty, Aries First of that Name, King of Slifonia, Commander in Chief of the Kings Armed Services, Defender of the Faith, Knight Commander of the Knights of Charity (K.C.)

Assumed the Throne: November 23, 2017

Personal Motto: Ex Fortitudo Gaudium (In Courage Joy)

Business Interests:

  • Wingate Brothers Farms, Co-Owned with HRH Prince Axel
  • Wingate Breeding Company
  • Posh Nightclub and Lounge, Cedar Creek
  • Virtual Life Review Magazine
  • Wingate Media Company

Biography: Aries Wingate was born into an ordinary family. Working hard in School he worked hard so that he could rise from his circumstances. Graduating from college with a law degree he entered the Marine Corps where he excelled as a special operations officer. With the support of the people of Slifonia this proud soldier, scholar, and self-made businessman assumed the throne when he with the support of the people and the military announced the Kingdom’s founding and independence. He loves his with Nalia and loves his large family. He loves riding horses, driving, flying and sailing as hobbies.