Adjuration City Announcement

Press Release “Adjuration City” – June 24, 2018

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                        Contact:

Ms. Sara Browntown
Crown Press Secretary


Adjuration City added to Slifonia Land Holdings on Second Life

Genesis City, Slifonia, June 24, 2018 – The Kingdom of Slifonia is dedicated to the realm of Second Life and after much hard work, we would like to announce the creation of Adjuration City.

Adjuration – 1 : a solemn oath. 2 : an earnest urging or advising.

We dedicate this city to the one true and living God of Christianity! This city was created as an entertainment city, where music, art, and other events can be held that are positive and morally correct. The King had this to say about the establishment of this city.

“At a time where many, even us have questioned the future longevity of Second Life, we double down by expanding and creating more areas where people can have a good time in a safe environment.” – HRM King Aries I

The City includes an event center, festival grounds, lodging and more. Furthermore, if people would like to volunteer for some of the events held, then free housing can be given to those individuals.  We invite you to visit Adjuration City by clicking this link and also we hope you would visit the kingdom in general by also visiting Genesis City which is still under development as well.

Future Engagements for the Crown

June 24 – 25th – Vacation for the Crown at a confidential location.

June 29th – 30th – The Grand Opening of Club Spirit in Genesis City

July 6th – 7th – The Black and White Party Grand Opening of His Royal Highness, Prince Axel’s Art Complex,  Waters Edge City

July 21st and 22nd – The Battle of the Bands Music Festival in Adjuration City



More information about the Kingdom of Slifonia please visit our website for a fact sheet! 


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