Christmas Proclamation

By The Grace of God, His Royal Majesty, King Aries First of that Name, Ruler of the Realm of Silfonia, Defender of the Faith

Greetings All and Merry Christmas,

Tomorrow marks the day we observe the saviors birth. We know that the Savior was not born on the twenty-fifth of December, scholars have pointed to the possibility of his birth in the spring. However, since no one knows when the savior was born we observe it on the classical day of December 25th.

Christmas Poinsettas

HRH King Aries of Silfonia in Military Dress Uniform as the Commander of the Royal Navy of Silfonia

The saviorĀ is the true reason for this holiday season. We are grateful as a royal family to be able to spend the holidays at Silfonia Palace in Genisis City. We are hoping that next year we have a full royal court of nobles who add culture and civility to our new nation.

Genesis City - Capitol of Silfonia

Genesis City – Capitol of Silfonia
– Every plot has either a luxury house on it or other things, just so you know-

If you are interested in serving a role as a Noble of this nation we invite you to contact the Royal Secretary by emailing

As Sovereign, i proclaim Christmas as a National Holiday and issue a release of work for all citizens of Silfonia for the day before (Christmas Eve) and the Day after Christmas, and Christmas Day itself!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! You may visit Genisis City any time by visiting

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