The Royal Crest of Silfonia

The Silfonia nation hereby affirms its inalienable, indefeasible, and sovereign right to choose its own form of Government, to determine its relations with other nations, and to develop its life, political, economic and cultural, in accordance with its own genius and traditions.

Section 1 – We The People Organize This Nation

1.1 We the people of Silfonia organize ourselves into a Kingdom Under God and grant this right to everyone born under the heaven above who wishes to immigrate to our nation or is born under our national borders.

1.2 The Name of the State is the Holy Kingdom of Silfonia

1.3 Silfonia is an independent, secular, monarchal state.

1.4 All powers and responsibilities of the government derive from the people of Silfonia¬†who’s right it is to designate the Sovereign Monarch and ruler of State.

1.5 The Coat of Arms shall comprise of two Elk Rampant, with a white field with red and black colors. With the symbols of the Kingdom, the Lion Rampant, to represent our master, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The hour-glass to remind us of the short supply of time we are each given, a sheep submissive to represent our place as the sheep of his pasture, and the ram submissive to represent our sacrifice to God.

1.6 The Motto of the Kingdom shall be “Faith..¬†Fortitude.. Fortune”

1.7 The Following Language is designated as the official language of the Kingdom, The King’s English.


Section Two – The Privy Council

Our Articles are a work in progress and will be added as they are developed and passed by the Monarch.


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